Artfully is a new movement and YouTube channel aimed at promoting the importance of art, innovation and creativity as forces for positive global change in Ireland and beyond. The motivation behind this movement is inspired by the abundance of creative talent evident in our culture today, and the understanding that great art is the product of a community, not simply the lone individual. Artfully seeks out the artistry in everything, whether through cooking delicious, exciting food, through music and dance, through painting, drawing, illustration and photography, or simply the artistic expression of complicated and culturally important ideas through the medium of unfiltered conversation. Hence, Artfully aims to inspire collaboration among a wide variety of talented people, primarily by promoting who they are and what they do, helping to facilitate the dawn of a new connected and informed innovative creative community.

How does Artfully work?

At its core, Artfully is itself a collaboration between a number of Dublin based innovators. The idea originated out of a desire to make beautiful, impactful YouTube videos, a combination of open interviews and raw footage of creators and their work. These videos will be the primary product of the Artfully project, however parties, showcases and collaborative events are also part of the overall plan.

The YouTube videos will help promote interesting people and their work and will be made out of passion; a passion for good conversation, a passion for learning through the sharing of ideas, a passion for capturing creative talent on camera and a passion for inspiring the creativity of others. Artfully will itself aim to prove the power of innovative collaboration by nursing and promoting the talents of its own core team of uniquely focused minds. To come full circle, Artfully wishes to become a vessel through which a community of talented beings connect, by itself being a leading example of the potential dynamic power of creative collaboration.

Who are Artfully?

Hopfully Brewing Co, The Joy and the Affray Podcast, Michael In Dublin, Pipe and Pallet, Indkbit Studio.

The Party

14th of July at The Bernard Shaw // Dublin - Ireland


Art exhibition (12 to 5pm):
Michael Kellner
Nathanael Roman
Rachel O'Regan 
Fellipe Lopes
Clara Dudley
Mot Collins 
Claire O'Hagan
Laura Matthews
Ashwin Chacko 
Emma O'Reilly
Eva Kelly
Sean O'Reilly
Holly Pereira
Lucas Miojo
Akos C0p Varga
Claire Prouvost
Hazel & Davi's Farm
Karen Harte

Dance Workshop (2 to 3pm):
Dublin Salsa Academy

Music (4.30 to 11pm):
Meruteria - Dj Pablo & Dj Kixx
Bodytonic Music - Dj Conor & Dj Ian
Marcelo Vinhas

Wall Painting (12 to 5pm):
Drink & Draw

Live Talk (3.30 to 4.30pm):
Hopfully Brewing Co
The Joy & The Affray 
Fierce Pole Fitness 
Special Guest