Baniwa Chilli Saison

Baniwa Chilli Saison

We have always wanted to use some unique and sustainably sourced ingredients in our beer recipes, specifically something from Amazon.

After watching an episode of Chef´s table on Netflix, with the Brazilian chef Alex Atala, we discovered this rich blended variety of chillies, that the Baniwa women cultivate using traditional, organic and sustainable methods.

The Chillies

River Negro and its tributaries, Amazon. Here, they organically grow the Baniwa chilli pepper (Jiquitaias) and mainly use it in meals with fish they source from the river. Baniwa women have been cultivating these peppers in their gardens for centuries.

The Indigenous Organization of the Içana River Basin (Oibi), in partnership with ISA Instituto Socioambiental, has helped the Baniwa to commercialize their peppers.

Each jar has an average of 12 varieties of chillies, from a universe of 74 varietals of peppers grown by the Baniwa Women. Approximately 30% of the retail price of Pimenta Baniwa, ends up in the hands of the Baniwa women, who invest it in their community.

The Beer

We have brewed a low ABV Saison with 3.8%. The beer is refreshing, juicy and savoury, made with pineapple juice, mint and the subtle, smooth and lingering tingle of the Baniwa Chilli Pepper.

The Beer was launched at Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair in Dublin, and it can be also found in some of the best craft beer pubs in Ireland.

The Artwork

We chose the very talented Irish illustrator and good friend, Nathanael Roman (@pipeandpallet) to design the Baniwa Chilli. We wanted to express the richness and the beauty of the Amazon and the Baniwa tribe through the artwork, which was amazingly done.

The Partnership

We will be donating a percentage of the proceeds made from this Saison to the Baniwa community, through the OIBI (Indigenous Organisation of the Içana Basin), an organisation set up by the Baniwa people to represent them and to ensure the fair trade of their produce. The money will go towards development projects to improve housing in the community.


Huge thanks to Adenilson, Roberto from ISA Instituto Socioambiental in Brazil, who made the connection between Hopfully Brewing and the OIB (Indigenous Organisation of the Içana Basin). Also to Andre Baniwa and Aphe Baniwa, representatives of OIB (Indigenous Organisation of the Içana Basin).

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