Baniwa Chilli Series - Spring Beer

Baniwa Chilli Series - Spring Beer

We got inspired by the renowned chef Alex Atala’s projects with indigenous communities in the Brazilian Amazon and we decided to brew a beer using Jiquitaia chilli peppers. The first recipe of the series, back in 2018, was a Saison, boasting notes of pineapple, mint and, of course, the subtle spice of the chillies.

After a visit to the Baniwa community in the Amazon in October 2018, we decided to keep the collaboration between Hopfully Brewing Co and the Baniwa community, so we came up with the Baniwa Chilli Series.

The Baniwa Chilli Series it’s a series of beers brewed seasonally using the Jiquitaia chilli peppers from the Brazilian Amazon, only grown by the Baniwa tribe there. Traditionally manned by women, the peppers are grown in plots along the Içana River Basin, where they are treasured and carefully cultivated by the tribe for their antioxidant, anticancer, analgesic, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and antidepressant properties. The recipe is changed every season of the year, but always using the special chillies. 

This new edition brings a sessionable Spring beer brewed with vanilla and Baniwa Chillis, fermented with Belgian yeast, and cacao nibs and coconut added after fermentation. The result is white chocolate coconut candy delicate aroma with a touch of banana, leading to a refreshing brew, with the coconut coming first and the chillis cutting through the sweetness for a perfectly balanced chilli beer.

A percentage of the proceeds made from the beer is donated to the Baniwa community, through the OIBI (Indigenous Organisation of the Içana Basin) for their housing project.

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