Hopfully Brewing Co

Hopfully Brewing Co - Our Story!

Hi, guys!

Here’s a bit about how it all got started and the story behind the project.

Our journey began a few years ago in the backyard of a house in Dublin. We were a group of friends that used to gather every weekend to make home-brewed beers, homemade food, live painting/graffiti, and jam sessions.

This sparked our desire to set our sights on the bigger dream, that of creating a brewery which would bring the spirit of these meetings to a wider audience.

Since then, we are dedicated to promoting artists and raising creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer.

Each of our beers has its own visual character, designed by different illustrators to complement the uniqueness we aim to bring to every brew. The artwork chosen for each beer epitomizes the aspects of storytelling we promote as a brewery.


Our Year-round Beers


The Beer: Graciosa is a highly aromatic, flavourful and refreshing IPA. The overwhelming aroma is backed by an uncannily soft malt backbone which, along with the hops, create a rare form and flavour that rushes across the tongue in ripe tropical fruits and fresh citrus bursts.

The Story: Inspired by the warm Barcelona weather, the word "Graciosa" in Spanish refers to someone or something that is graceful, cute or even funny.

The Artist: Albert Terré (@laregaderagrafica)

Albert's bright, fun style has led him to projects with Hawaiian Tropic and Gargar Festival! His distinctive use of blocks of colour, combined with strong lines and friendly, whimsical characters sets Albert's work apart from the crowd, making him the perfect artist to design our Graciosa label.



The Beer: Lovemaker is a bold, aromatic and refreshing beer with a light body. The beer has a weedy nose, and the rye malt helps to enhance the character of the hops, giving it a spicy and smoky finish.  

The Story: This design was inspired by a hyperactive breed of marsupial called the antechinus. This little creature sprints around mating for 3 weeks in marathon sessions that often last up to 14 hours, after which the male dies from toxically high levels of testosterone and cortisol.This is the scenario depicted - the female, relaxed and absentmindedly enjoying a cigarette unperturbed by or unaware of her partner's demise at her hands.


The Artist: José Miguel Mendez (@jmiguel_mendez)


José is a Spanish illustrator and artist based in London, whose striking designs have earned him clients such as The New York Times and Spotify! His work is vibrant and bold in shape, subject and colour, using sharp contrasts and wavy lines to create eye-catching designs like our Lovemaker can.


The Beer: The flavour develops as you drink, every sip offering something new to discover. The most interesting aspect of this beer is that the aroma is constantly developing even after it has been served. Initially there is intense coconut with notes of white flower. After a few minutes the coconut becomes more pronounced as well as some bubble-gum, and a touch of dill.

The Story: the word "Sakura" is Japanese for "Cherry Blossom" - a reference to the Japanese hop variety used in this beer's recipe, and to the white flower aroma it gives off. In Japanese culture, the cherry blossom tree has held great significance for hundreds of years. This delicate flower represents both the fragility and the often-overwhelming beauty of life. When the cherry blossom trees bloom fleetingly each year, people gather in their droves to admire their splendour, and to enjoy festivals with great music, food and drink.

The Artist: Paula McGloin (@paulamcgloin)


Paula is a designer and illustrator for print, web and textiles design, with Bewley’s and Camelot Fabrics being among her clients. Her colour palette is rich, her patterns intricate and her style playful, retro-inspired and utterly charming. 



The Beer: Beetjuice is a refreshing beer with a beautiful red color, but unlike any other Saison, it mixes the characteristics of a Belgian yeast strain with the earthiness of the beetroot and the savoury flavours and aromas of the sage and lemon thyme. Unusually gorgeous!

The Story: Inspired by traditional Belgian cuisine, Beetjuice, is our first attempt to bring a dish in to the beer bottle as opposed to using the beer in a dish.

The Artist: Amber Vittoria (@amber_vittoria)


Amber is an illustrator based in New York, whose talent has paid off in projects for esteemed clients such as Amazon Fashion, Under Armour and Teen Vogue. Amber's artwork focuses on femininity and the female form, featuring overtly extended limbs, delicate use of colour and rounded features.