Our Story

Our journey began a few years ago in the backyard of a house in Dublin. We were a group of friends that used to gather every weekend to make home-brewed beers, homemade food, live painting/graffiti, and jam sessions.

This sparked our desire to set our sights on the bigger dream, that of creating a brewery which would bring the spirit of these meetings to a wider audience.

Since then, we are dedicated to promoting artists and raising creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer.

Each of our beers has its own visual character, designed by different illustrators to complement the uniqueness we aim to bring to every brew. The artwork chosen for each beer epitomizes the aspects of storytelling we promote as a brewery.

Our Vision

We aim to break the moulds of making good beer, with an out of standard design, creative flair and unique personality. We can do it using the fine of ingredients and a lot of passion!