The Beer: The flavour develops as you drink, every sip offering something new to discover. The most interesting aspect of this beer is that the aroma is constantly developing even after it has been served. Initially there is intense coconut with notes of white flower. After a few minutes the coconut becomes more pronounced as well as some bubble-gum, and a touch of dill.

The Story: the word "Sakura" is Japanese for "Cherry Blossom" - a reference to the Japanese hop variety used in this beer's recipe, and to the white flower aroma it gives off. In Japanese culture, the cherry blossom tree has held great significance for hundreds of years. This delicate flower represents both the fragility and the often-overwhelming beauty of life. When the cherry blossom trees bloom fleetingly each year, people gather in their droves to admire their splendour, and to enjoy festivals with great music, food and drink.

Artist: Paula McGloin (@paulamcgloin)